Some self indulgence ..

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Awesome set of photos from Bitchbuzz, click to view them all

We were lucky enough to be invited by Techcrunch to come up to London to pitch for the prestigious award of .. being better than everyone else.

Here’s who we shared the stage with:

FestBuzz, MixcloudKyubid, Aware Monitoring, Yoomoot, Fiabee, Notion Learning, Audioboo, Kohive, En-twyn and mywidz

Personally I’d only heard of Audioboo and figured they’d walk the floor. Only they didn’t! FestBuzz took the glory with a product that smartly surmises social chitter chatter.

But you’re not doubt desperate to find out where SocialSafe came amongst this fine competition. Did we beat the awesome Audioboo? Here’s our pitch first .. where do you think we came?

Okay enough playing, we came a very respectable 3rd, Mixcloud an on demand radio destination, piping us to 2nd place.

Read Techcrunch’s and TheStartup’s posts for more. Better still go and have a look at BitchBuzz’s fantastic set of photos from the evening. Here’s me getting very excited about a friend’s venture: