Have you checked who has access to your Facebook account recently?

There’s been lots of talk about hijacked accounts or posts being made on your profile that you would have never approved. I thought it might be worth just reminding you all to take a look at your application settings in Facebook.


Now have a look at all those applications that are allowed to post without prompting you first.


Some can post stories without asking you but a surprising number can post one liners automatically. Did you know? You can Edit Settings and remove this permission very simply and it’s most certainly worth culling apps frequently.


Of course the majority of applications are completely harmless and the developers can be trusted. But what happens if an app is purchased by another less scrupulous individual who has visited the evil room and liked it there? You could find as happened to a friend, that you’re all of a sudden offering bizarre pyramid selling scams or enhancement pills to all your friends. Definitely not cool.

The average number of authorised apps in our office is 42. How many apps do you have? Use the comments, it would be very interesting to know.

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