Disappearing Page Content on Facebook

Mashable reported late yesterday that people were witnessing the emptiness of their favourite Facebook Pages. All that was still visible on some of the most visited pages like Vin Diesel’s and Barack Obama’s was the name of the page .. all posts and interactions were missing.


Confusing for the visitors but spare a thought for the admins of those pages. Can you imagine that feeling of dread creeping over them as they realise just how bad this is? Having not witnessed this myself I’m not sure whether the list of fans was affected.

Facebook seem to have been pretty quick to respond. It was a small bug that only affected the display of content, so all content was safe. This time. What can’t be counted are all the lost opportunities. These pages are there to interact with fans, without content that is quite hard to accomplish.

We recognised the need for backing up fan pages and groups a while back and are hard at work making this a reality with a beefier version of SocialSafe. More details to follow soon.

If you were affected please let us know how it made you feel and accept our sincerest apologies for not having provided a backup solution for you yet.

And for those of you reading this that haven’t yet backed up your personal Facebook account, please do it now! Sacrifice one smoothie, coffee, beer, bottle of water, whatever your preference, and use that money to buy SocialSafe. It will prevent creeping dread, sinking feelings, and will put a little spring in your step.

You make friends, we’ll help you look after them.