SocialSafe Support …. And UserVoice

As the guy who predominantly looks after the customer support side of SocialSafe, I’m always aware of the different support requests we receive on a daily basis.

We use a forum called Uservoice, this allows us to keep track of all the suggestions we receive. It’s a fantastic way to manage, consider and reply to our valued customers .

Uservoice encourages users to make suggestions as it doesn’t require you to sign up. This enables users to anonymously vote for ideas that they think should be introduced into the SocialSafe application. Once a user has made a suggestion it then gets submitted to the SocialSafe team.

We believe here at SocialSafe that it’s very important to interact with users. Uservoice provides us with an efficient platform that no other forum has, giving us the opportunity to interact with those who are providing us with important suggestions.

Currently the most voted for suggestion on Uservoice with 79 Votes is:

‘Include: backup of friend’s contact info (email,address,tele#),your own notes & posted links’.

Although maybe a little slow, we are working hard to try and implement every suggestion on our feedback forum J .

Why not give us feedback on a feature you think deserves a place in SocialSafe?

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