Here’s a new year’s resolution you wont have thought of

Change your Facebook and other online services’ passwords once a month.

Sounds like a chore but just create 12 different passwords now and stick one in an entry for the first of each month with a reminder linking to the various services you need. You could get really cute and rotate them between the services too so none are ever the same. Then at the start of every month your calendar will send you an email reminding you which services need changing and providing you with a new password.

Although Facebook do a great job of watching for compromised accounts and phoney messages it’s still very easy to have your account details sniffed. Don’t let someone else get control of your account. Aside from the embarrassment from all your friends receiving spammy messages the hacker sends on your behalf, it could expose more of your personal information than you realise.

Even the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission had his Facebook account hacked. [NYTimes]

This is just one way of staying safe online. We’d love to hear your approaches too.