A Time Capsule of Mark Zuckerberg From 2005

GigaOm dug up some interesting quotes from Mark Zuckerberg.

Before most of us were anywhere near Facebook, Zuckerberg was laying out his plans for the Facebook we know today. Surprisingly little has changed especially his stance on privacy.

We’re enabling a freer flow of information. We’re not asking anyone to put anything out there they don’t want to have out there. We’re not forcing anyone to publicize any information about themselves. We give people pretty good control over their privacy — you can make it so nobody can see your profile unless you’re their friend — and I think we encourage people to use that stuff… I think just by putting people in control of what they put out there we are putting it in their hands.

The Facebook team of 2005 even had a tool that could predict with reasonable accuracy, whether two people would be in a relationship within a week based on their Facebook activities!

Read the post at Gigaom, listen to the interview and check out some video clips.