SocialSafe v2 Sneak Peak

We’re getting very close to launching the completely new SocialSafe so thought it would be a good time to let you see a few sneaky screen shots of the app in action.

SocialSafe v2 is free to all registered users and approaches backups in a slightly different way. It’s a complete re-write to enable us to quickly add many more social networks without lots of redesigning.

SocialSafe now has themes!

The biggest change is the diary view.

Quickly Diary View will become the easiest way to see everything you did online on any given day. Search is but a click away – it will look through everything you’ve downloaded and find that elusive status update. Clicking on the date brings up a calendar to quickly jump to another day or even show several days at the same time!

Use the pop up calendar to see just one day or click Range to see multiple days

v2 is the transition to this way of presenting your online activities, starting with Facebook. We’re already hard at work on v2.1 which will bring your tweets into SocialSafe.

We’ll look at File View in the next post.

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