Migrating to the new SocialSafe

SocialSafe v2 brings a new database driven storage solution to provide a solid platform for us to extend SocialSafe to a host of other social networks and online storage solutions.

To ensure that your previously backed up data is visible and useful in v2 we have developed a migration tool. This was surprisingly difficult but worth the time and investment as your previous back ups contain information that in many cases will have disappeared from Facebook by now – old friends, photos, status updates etc.

The migration tool will run when you upgrade to v2 automatically.


  1. How do I know it’s migrating successfully? I see no indication except an animation of the conveyor belt items.

  2. ‘take some time’ ?

    I started over 4 hours ago!! 100 backups – seriously !!! And yet the CPU of my PC is staying way down at 23%, so whatever its doing, its not doing it slowly because of CPU

    Also – no mention of what or if the V2 upgrade is free for those of us that paid previously.
    I’m going to be even more annoyed if I find that my featuresets gone backward (when I eventually get into it).

    And no mention of backing up messages. A feature I requested god-knows how long ago!

    1. Hi Adrian, sorry the migration is taking so long, I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, sounds like it must have hit a snag. Do you know which of your previous backups it’s got stuck on?

      Cost – this is actually a FREE upgrade to owners of v1.

      Features – have a look at the SocialSafe v2 feature set here and messages are coming soon. First job is to offer Twitter as an additional service to backup and make the app more responsive. After that we’ll be moving to the Facebook Graph api which opens up access to a lot more of your content, although has it’s own challenges!

      Best route for support is via our support ticket service.

  3. I have submited to socialsafe help three times now and have not received a ticket or response. I have downloaded the migration tool, but it keeps hanging on ‘migrating folder 33 of 39’. So now I cannot get into Social Safe to back anything up, nor can I revert back to the old version. Please help!!

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