PRESS RELEASE: Facebook back-up tool of choice now available for Twitter

SocialSafe, widely acknowledged as the Facebook back-up tool of choice, launches a new version today which allows Twitter users to back up their accounts too.

SocialSafe is a simple and effective tool enabling Twitter and Facebook users to protect all their carefully amassed photos, profile information, friends and followers securely offline on their computer, preventing information loss should something go wrong with the services.

SocialSafe now also offers a clear overview of the users’ online life with its unique diary view. The Digital Diary allows Facebook and Twitter users to quickly navigate to their online activities on a specific day, and can also combine updates from both services if a user is registered with both Twitter and Facebook.

Julian Ranger, Chairman of SocialSafe, says “People are no longer on just one social network; they use different tools for different groups and various purposes. Imagine if you were to lose all those followers, contacts, information, connections, photos… and what a nightmare it would be to begin creating your networks again. We wanted to alleviate this concern by offering people SocialSafe.”

He continues: “The new version of SocialSafe can put more minds at rest. SocialSafe’s integrated diary function also offers the user an offline version of their ‘online self’ to keep and refer to, for example if you want to recall a special birthday or other event.  We’re excited about how this product is evolving and plan to back up more social network sites in the future.”

The new innovations to SocialSafe follow the company’s commitment to listening to user feedback. Users can expect continued innovation in the SocialSafe experience and how they will be able to use their social network data in the future.

SocialSafe is available from http://socialsafe.net/ for a single, one-off payment of £4.99 ($6.99/€5.99).  Existing paid users can upgrade to the new version without charge.  A free version of the application enables users to download, store and view basic elements of their Facebook data.

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  1. hello

    I maked backup for my facebook month ago , and now my account disabled

    how i use the backup that i made with social safe on my new account to get all my friends and photos back???

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