Meet Twitter’s Newest Sssssssensssssation – A Talking Cobra

@BronxZoosCobra – his tweet is funnier than his bite

There was an amusing article on BBC News this morning about an escaped Egyptian cobra apparently finding a voice on Twitter. The renegade reptile managed to somehow slither out of its confines in New York’s Bronx Zoo on Friday, prompting fear amongst the locals. Given that a bite from this 20″ snake can kill within seconds, that’s hardly surprising.

However, one Twitter user has created an account in the name of BronxZooCobra, and as a result of sending out humourous tweets has now amassed over 130,000 followers. Whilst the tweets are all (forked) tongue-in-cheek, they must certainly put the fear in the indigenous humans. Posts such as “It’s getting pretty cold out. I think it’s probably time to crash. Oh look, an apartment window someone left open just a crack. Perfect!” and “City may not sleep, but I’m ready to. Ooh a chimney! I bet you bragged to your friends about having a working fireplace in NYC. Hi roomie” will certainly play on the New Yorkers’ worries about getting home to find a slumbering serpent in their beds.

Other figures of note have comical imposters on Twitter, including Her most gracious Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Tweets from Elizabeth Windsor are, when not declaring it to be #ginoclock, often to the detriment of British political figures, in particular belittling Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, making him sound like a child: “Sunny day. Apparently Mr Clegg has got the sandpit and paddling pool out in the Downing Street garden. Says he’s digging for oil. Bless him“.

So then, who are your favourite famous people (or creatures!) on Twitter who are actually witty imposters? Leave your comments with suggestions for who people should follow.