Friday Fun from SocialSafe – The Week In News

Seeing as it’s Friday, I thought we’d take a light-hearted look back at the last week or so from a social media and tech perspective. Here are some of the highlights that had us excited, intrigued, amused and confused in the office…

The writing was on the wall

I guess the big one is the ‘shock’ revelation on Twitter that Ryan Giggs was the “leading premiership footballer” who had filed a privacy junction after a few too many away fixtures threatened to tarnish his reputation. The trending topic ‘Naming Private Ryan’ raised more than a few chuckles from this corner of the office.

A couple of weeks ago Microsoft announced their purchase of Skype. A couple of jokes later along the lines of “why pay $8.5bn for something they can just download for free?”, and then the damned thing went and crashed yesterday. The Apple fan-boys in the office immediately started to point the finger at Bill Gates, but the problem has also cropped up on OS X and Linux machines, so it seems unfair to lay the blame at Microsoft’s feet.

Mark Zuckerberg has also just cranked things up a notch on the weird scale, by announcing that he will only eat meat from animals that he has personally killed himself. This is apparently his ‘task’ for this year. Last year he challenged himself to learn Mandarin, and the year before he pledged to wear a tie everyday. Sounds like the guy has got a screw loose, but then again he is little older than me and already a multi-billionaire – I think we know who’s winning in life.

On Tuesday whilst President Obama’s security personnel were scanning rooftops and crowds for any would-be assailants outside the American Embassy in Dublin, the greater danger turned out to be an inanimate object. The pavement, as it happens. As President Barrack Obama’s limo, known as “The Beast” was leaving the embassy, it got stuck. The video obviously has been doing the rounds on Facebook and YouTube, so here it is, in all it’s glory: