Friday Fun from SocialSafe – Looking Back At The Week, And Forward To The Weekend

It’s Friday afternoon, it’s a glorious day here in the UK, so it’s time for what hopefully will become a regular feature on this blog – a brief, but humourous look back at the week of tech, social media and news stories that are interesting, amusing, bizarre or important.

Just a minute ago I saw an article that had me with my head in my hands, begging the question “why for the love of God would you do that?”. It turns out some 17-year-old boy in China actually sold one of his kidneys on the black market to buy an iPad 2. The mind just boggles.

The ‘good’ name of football has been through the mill again, with allegations of corruption surrounding its governing body, FIFA. And then they go and hold an election with only one candidate. As the scandal dominated the papers and airwaves, a lot of people were left wondering why this story continues to be first thing on the agenda during the 10pm news when there is an E. coli outbreak in Germany, things are kicking off in Syria, and a woman in York has died in police custody.

On to slightly funnier things. A record may have been set for Facebook’s youngest user. Ellie and Matt Greene of Texas have created a profile page for their as-yet unborn child, Marriah Greene. The foetus has already amassed more than 260 friends, and appropriately enough has an ultrasound image as a profile picture. As if that wasn’t enough, ‘Marriah’ has been posting updates such as “IKEA is fun, mom is doing the shopping thing again. What is she going to get me now?”. Quite an original way for expecting parents to avoid having to explain to all of their friends over and over again how things are progressing.

Right, before you all slope off for the evening, here is a nice relaxed sunny tune to wish you on your way. Have a great weekend folks!