German Teen Mistakenly Extends Facebook Party Invite To 15,000 People

A teenage girl in Germany discovered she was more popular than she thought, when 15,000 people confirmed their attendance at her birthday party. When the girl, known only as Theresa, created the event page on Facebook for her little birthday shindig, she didn’t realise that she’d made the event ‘Public’, rather than ‘Private’. Needless to say, the whole thing went viral, and soon there were literally thousands of people who’d expressed their intention to attend.

She realised her error and cancelled the event, but it was too late. When guests started flooding to her street in Hamburg, Theresa then went AWOL. Over 1,500 people actually turned up to the party, which by this point had spilled into the streets and surrounding neighbourhood. It all sounds quite good fun in theory – a nice street party, where some attendees had even brought home-made cakes, and others idly consumed alcohol. But eventually things got out of hand, and over 100 police officers – some of which were on horses – arrived to keep the crowds under control.

One officer was actually injured whilst trying to prevent a party-goer from damaging his police vehicle, and 11 ‘guests’ were temporarily detained. Firemen were also called to the scene to extinguish two small fires, and young German girls in sandals (but not socks) sustained cuts to their feet from broken glass. To be fair to them, the police weren’t too perturbed by the encounter, with spokesman Mirko Streiber saying: “It was sheer insanity but mostly peaceful.”

Getting the settings wrong on Facebook is an easy thing to do, but when you’re dealing with drinking and merriment, always be wary of inviting the wrong sorts!!


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