Facebook ‘Murder Plot’ Between Husband and Fictitious Flirter

Whilst going through a rather messy divorce a 29-year-old American woman, Angela Voelkert, posed as a sultry teenage girl on Facebook in an attempt to get some dirt on her husband, reports Mashable. What she didn’t bank on was her soon-to-be-ex husband David, 38, plotting with the fictitious Jessica to run away together, but not before he’d had a chance to pay “some gang-banger” from Jessica’s school to “put a cap in her [Angela’s] ass for $10,000”.

However, David was apparently able to prove to prosecutors that he was aware the account belonged to his wife all along, and was only feeding Angela a line with the messages. Since then, the charges, which also included his fictitious admission to ‘Jessica’ that he’d illegally installed a GPS tracker in his wife’s vehicle, have all been dropped.

In another story from the Guardian, an 18-year-old burglar – who was also facing manslaughter charges as a result of the break-in – in the UK has had his sentence extended after bragging about his initially short punishment on Facebook. His status update of “I’m only lookin at 6 mouths [sic] haa bring it on easy!” led the presiding judge to give the young bugger – sorry, I mean burglar – a total of 27 months in a young offenders’ institute. Judge Neil Ford QC said: “I cannot sentence you for a lack of moral fibre and decency, but I am
of the view you have shown no remorse. What you posted on Facebook…
would have borne a dagger into the heart of the family of the bereaved.” Well done Mr Ford.


  1. Funny stuff, but when you post news articles like this it would be good to include your source.

    1. Very good point GJaros. When I write these blogs I tend to get the content down first, then go back and put in references and links as is appropriate, but I was obviously not on the ball this morning! Put it down to the fact it’s a Friday! Article has been ammended to that end.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and leave feedback, it’s much appreciated.


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