Data Privacy

Friday Fun: A Look Back At The Week

Apologies for the lack of last week’s entry – it was a busy day at SocialSafe HQ! But Friday is upon us once more, so lets take a look back at what’s been happening in the world of social media, and see which stories from the news in general that have been grabbing our attention.

The misguided use of Facebook and Twitter has landed some people in jail, and some in the queue at the Job Centre. A juror in the UK has been sentenced to eight months in prison for contempt of court after contacting one of the cleared defendants in an ongoing drugs case on Facebook. American politician Anthony Weiner has resigned as a Congressman after his errant twitpic of himself in a state of undress was sent publicly rather than privately to the recipient two weeks ago. It was revealed in the subsequent media circus that he had been emailing similar images to an ex-porn star, and after all of this Weiner tendered his resignation.

In a quite unbelievable turn of events, hacking group Lulz Security have actually asked for requests from the public as to who they should breach next. Having previously gained access to the likes of Sony and the CIA, it seems that the group are viewing themselves as vigilantes. In all of the attacks there appears to have been no malicious theft or use of data, more so that these people are just showing to the world how clever they are. By asking the public to suggest organisations to hack into gives them a slightly endearing quality, as if to say “we’ll fight for you against the big corporations”.

Right, it’s very nearly home time, so I’d best be signing off for the week. Before I go I’ll leave you with a nice little song from an album I’ve had on repeat for the last two weeks. Enjoy.