Armed Man Updates Facebook Statuses During Police Standoff

There are many different reasons and situations that would warrant a Facebook status update. Informing your friends that you have just been offered that dream job, gloating that you’re off to Glastonbury Festival, checking-in at place of note, or perhaps bemoaning the weather we are experiencing in this so-called ‘Summer’. But being in a standoff with armed police? Apparently so.

Gunman Jason Valdez held off the police for 16 hours in Salt Lake City, Utah, but still managed to find the time to keep his friends and family apprised of his situation via his Facebook status, which he updated on his phone. After police tried to serve Valdez with a felony drug warrant on June 17th after he had missed a previous court appearance, he barricaded himself inside a hotel room, and posted a total of six status updates as the situation unfolded. Included were two photos of himself with a female who the police are making out to have been a hostage.

The postings were commented on by family and friends of Valdez, pleading him to resolve the situation peacefully and turn himself in. As it happens, police eventually stormed the room and Jason Valdez shot himself in the chest. He is now reportedly in a critical condition.

Mashable have some screenshots of the updates and comments, but be advised, they do contain some strong and offensive language.


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