Friday Fun – News From The Week And A Friday Tune

Howdy. It’s that time of the week again folks, we are very nearly at the weekend. So what’s been happening in the last seven days? Well apparently we are now officially in ‘summer-time’, although the only person that didn’t realise this was Mother Nature. It’s probably also due to the fact that this week sees Glastonbury Festival and the start of Wimbledon, so I think we all knew there was going to be a monsoon at some point. Anyway, on to the social media and tech world…

There have been arrests in relation to the spate of hacking attacks and security breaches prepetrated by LulzSec and Anonymous. However, there appears to be a not inconsiderable amount of sympathy for them. Supporters argue that what these ‘hacktivists’ are actually doing is furthering the possiblities of what can be achieved in the digital age, and are in fact helping organisations like the CIA by pointing out their failings in terms of data and website security.

The next money-spinner in the seemingly never-ending Harry Potter saga (“Oh no, this 7th book will be the last” – J. K. Rowling (I may have paraphrased that somewhat)) is in fact an online hub for all things Potter. Having never read a single page of it, I have next to no interest, but for all the enthusiasts out there, the site is reportedly going live in October.

Facebook has been in the news more than once this week, with a slightly macabre situation involving a gunman updating his status numerous times during a stand0ff with Utah police forces, and also a settlement has been reached with the Winklevoss twins over who actually came up with the idea for the leviathan social network.

As I normally leave you all with a song before we all clock off for the weekend, here is this week’s offering. It’s a nice slow bluesy number from John Mayer, called Slow Dancing In A Burning Room… Enjoy it, and have a great weekend…