WARNING: Fake Google+ Invites Scam

Just a quick entry here to alert you all to the fact that there is a scam doing the rounds at the moment under the guise of Google+ invites. Mashable reports (via Sophos’ Naked Security blog) that a group of hackers have targeted the huge interest in Google’s new social networking service as a means of luring in victims.

The fake invites are spreading via email, and are easily mistaken for the real deal. Even the email address seems to be coming from a Google+ member. However, in this instance if you were to click on a link in the message, you are taken to a site that will try to sell you penis enlargement products. Apparently. It’s a curious choice of scam, considering you’ve just alienated half of your target market, but then again there may be women out there who aren’t satisfied with their partners’ dimensions… I think we’ve strayed from the point here slightly.

This isn’t the first, and will by no means be the last time that hackers try to ride the wave of a peak in interest or desire to obtain something online. There were countless hoax/malicious emails and links flying around in the aftermath of Osama Bin Laden’s death, with claims to contain footage and images from the raid.

For more information, read Graham Cluley‘s entry on the Naked Security blog.

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