Friday Fun – Mila Kunis, Guitar Vibrations and Other Stories

Good afternoon everyone. Sorry about not posting a Friday Fun blog last week – I was having far too much fun on a stag weekend in Prague! But anyway, I’m back and things are all good here at SocialSafe. There’s been a fair amount going on in the social media and tech world, and lots to talk about. But we don’t want to dwell on the miserable stuff like phone hacking, so let’s see what interesting and amusing stories we can find…

A US Marine currently serving in Afghanistan has become the envy of many a man after Hollywood star Mila Kunis accepted his YouTube invitation to accompany him to his Marine Corps Ball in November. Fair play to the guy – if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

A nice little fact about Twitter also drifted my way today: yesterday Twitter saw 600k sign ups – but it took more than 16 months to reach its first 600k. Read more on TechCrunch.

The war on terror has a surprising new venue – a social media game with Arab super heroes at its heart has been launched on Facebook. The man behind the project, Suleiman Bakhit, hopes that Happy Oasis can create positive role models for children who might otherwise be enticed by extremist views. The game launched this week and has already attracted 50,000 followers.

This morning I saw a really cool video that appealed to the guitarist in me. What happens when you drop an iPhone 4 into the sound hole of a guitar, position it just so, and then pluck the strings? Take a look at this article on Mashable and find out.

Right, I make that the weekend. As usual, here’s a song to wish you on your way. This is a live acoustic version of ‘Animal’ by Neon Trees. Enjoy it everyone, catch you on Monday.