Rihanna Beats Gaga To Facebook Top Spot

It’s all change at the top of the Facebook ‘Likes’ rankings, with the singer Rihanna usurping the hyped up marketing machine – I’m sorry, I mean ‘singer’ again – Lady Gaga to take the Number 1 spot.


Whilst the odd-ball warbler with sometimes-blonde hair and suspect cheek implants was the first living music artist (again, using that term very loosely here) to reach 10,000,000 Facebook fans, she has been toppled by Caribbean beauty and credible singer Rihanna. When Mashable published this fact, Rihanna had 40,564,950 Facebook fans – some 20,000 more than Lady Gaga’s 40,543,536. I know, the difference is around 0.05% – not exactly a landslide in either direction, but when you consider that Gaga has been hailed as the queen of social media – she’s still the most popular user on Twitter with 11.6m followers – it is somewhat of a coup.

And this is what really grinds my gears about music and showbiz in general these days – ‘artists’ are being judged far too much about what is marketable and how much money can be made from milking the fans dry. Exhibit A: Justin Bieber. 11 million followers on Twitter, and not a single decent tune.

Hmm, what started off as a commentary piece about social media has morphed into a bit of a tirade, so I’m going to curtail this before it turns into even more of a rant. But I’ll sign off with this:

Whilst Gaga, Bieber et al may have an inordinate amount of people dancing to their beat right now, give it 40 years and I highly doubt that they will be held in the same regard as the likes of The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac etc are now. Grump grump grump!!


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