How Can I Move Facebook Photos To Google+?

Hi everyone. Just a quick little ‘how to’ blog this afternoon. By now many of you will have had a chance to sign up to Google+ and see what’s going on there. If you haven’t got access to it yet and would like to, by all means leave a comment or find me on Twitter (@adkrobertson) and I’ll be happy to send invites.

Export your Facebook photos with ease...

A lot of the early chatter revolves around how to get photos from Facebook and then upload them to Google+. Well one of the many great features of our SocialSafe app is the Export function. Most people reading this blog should be familiar with SocialSafe and what it does, but if you’re not, then congratulations – you’ve just stumbled upon a searchable Facebook and Twitter backup tool. Anyway, on to the task at hand…

You will need: a PC or Mac; a Facebook account; a G+ account, SocialSafe Pro (or Standard for Facebook), lots of uber-cool photos on your Facebook profile (optional). Got all of these? Right, let’s rock.

  • Once you’ve run a backup of your Facebook account using SocialSafe, hover over the ‘Photos’ box in File View, and click on ‘Export’.
  • Select where on your hard drive you’d like to store them, and then click ‘Save’. It shouldn’t take too long, but depending how many photos you have you might have time to make a cup of tea or tackle a Sudoku. All done? Excellent. Moving swiftly on…
  • Right-click on the Zip Folder that you’ve just created from SocialSafe and then click on ‘Extract All’. Then hey presto, there are all of the photo albums you’ll have originally uploaded to Facebook, with the addition of Tagged Photos.
  • Log-in to Google+ and go to Photos, then click on the ‘Upload New Photos’ button.
  • Selecting which albums or individual photos from the SocialSafe export you would like to upload, follow the straight forward instructions on the Google+ uploader, and you’re there.

And that’s pretty much it. So if you are departing Facebook for good, or just broadening your online social horizons, make sure you give all of your Google+ contacts the full picture.