Woman Kicked Out Of Restaurant For Complaint Tweet

I’ve heard of people being thrown out of bar and clubs for various reasons (and believe me, I’ve seen some hilarious instances!), but have you ever heard of someone being asked to leave a restaurant for tweeting?

Ok, it’s not quite that simple, but here goes. A woman in Houston was reportedly ejected from Down House restaurant after the manager saw her complain about something the barman had done. Allison Matsu had apparently gone to a restaurant, and overheard a conversation between two employees tha made fun of another restaurant owner. She didn’t think this was an appropriate thing to do, so she took to Twitter to call the barman “a twerp” [Good word, I haven’t heard it for a while!]. Although apparently after this she actually ended up having a good conversation with this man.

Anyhow, about half an hour later the general manager of Down House (who wasn’t actually on the premises) called the restaurant and asked to speak with Allison. It turns out he’d read the tweet and wasn’t too impressed, and as such had called up to have her kicked out of the restaurant. The specifics of the conversation are not clear, but both parties agree that end result was that Allison Matsu was told to leave because of the tweet.

So there you have it. Bit of an odd one, but if you’re interested in more about this story, the original article that I found has more discussion over the moral standpoints, and some interesting comments to boot.

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