Facebook Release User Friendly Security Guide

I’ve posted a few entries on this blog about various privacy flaws and glitches within Facebook that have seen users’ private data being exposed when the owner thought their content was safely protected. It’s very easy to point the finger when there has been an oversight or an assumption about the users’ preferences (the opt-out default setting for the Photo Tag suggestions springs to mind), but now they are seeking to remedy this.

In order to plug their security loopholes and improve the safety of the site for information sharing, Facebook has now come up with a detailed Facebook security guide. The 20 page guide (available for free as a pdf) is aimed primarily at teens, parents and teachers who might lack the up to date knowledge of safe practice while online. Security experts Linda McCarthy and Keith Watson co-wrote the book with teacher and editor Denise Weldon-Siviy.

The topics covered include securing access to Facebook accounts using proper password selection; avoiding falling prey to phishing and other scams; using Facebook’s advanced security features like HTTPS encryption, one-time passwords and log-in notifications; recognizing impostors and recovering a hacked account.

With Google+ breathing heavily down Facebook’s neck, and appearing to offer tighter privacy that is easier to understand and implement, this security ‘how-to’ guide should hopefully allay the fears of the more cautious Facebook users, and prove enlightening to those not too savvy with how the Facebook system works. Follow the link to view or download the Facebook Security Guide.

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