Twitter Galleries And How To Customise Them

Twitter have rolled out a new feature that shows a user’s recent image uploads beneath their profile stats in a Facebook style reel of photos. It doesn’t matter whether you upload your photos from yFrog, TwitPic or Instagram, your pictures are now featured on your Twitter profile in an image gallery.

The user galleries will display the 100 most-recent images that you have posted as of January 2010. The update falls in line with Twitter’s photo-sharing drive, and will change the appearance of Twitter profiles dramatically. There will be no preference shown to whichever third-party app you upload photos from – they will simply appear in the order they were posted.

More industrious users have already realised that the image space can be used to convey a message or to form a linear mosaic image – much like we saw earlier in the year on Facebook. If you want to do something similar there is a tutorial of sorts over on Mashable, and also this video by Jeremiah Warren that shows you exactly what to do: