Chrome Plugin Unlocks Facebook Music Browsing

I may be a couple of weeks behind the curve on this one, but if you’re a music fan and haven’t heard of the Google Chrome plugin called +Music, then you’d better keep reading. Many people have been hankering after some sort of Facebook-music partnership for a while now, but while this is not exactly that, it is certainly a step in right direction, and also not confined solely to Facebook.

Music + Internet = Awesome

+Music is a plugin that utilises the Echo Nest Intelligent Music Platform‘s API with Facebook’s own API to make it easy to find and listen to music while browsing Facebook and the web at large. It’s pretty straightforward, you install the plugin in Chrome and pretty much every band or artist name you see written somewhere on the web comes a portal for instantly playing their music.

Simply highlight a name and right-click, and you can either instantly listen to songs by that artist or add them to a queue. But things get really cool when you start to use the app with Facebook. unfortunately you’ll have to disable secure browsing in order for it to work properly (only on Facebook), but once you’ve done this every artist on the site will have a “Play” and a “+” button next to their name. This allows you to listen to a band’s music from their page, and then navigate away to another page to surf around as you normally do, but with the music continuing.

Very cool stuff.

This video shows what you can do a lot better than I can explain it: