What To Expect From Facebook f8 Developers Conference?

Yesterday I blogged about the upcoming ‘Subscribe‘ feature of Facebook, and what the possibilities of Project Spartan might be in terms of a suite of mobile apps from the social network. And now as the f8 developers conference looms larger on this week’s horizon, some more details of Facebook’s pending announcements are coming to light.

It’s already public knowledge that a media platform for music and videos is on the cards, which will display on a user’s profile the media content that they are listening to on Spotify and other partner sites.

There is also talk of a major redesign of user profiles. Details of what the redesign might entail are hard to come by, but Mashable’s anonymous sources have said that the idea is to make the updated Facebook profiles “nexuses for consuming content” with the intention that users stay on them for longer.

TechCrunch also report that three new Facebook buttons will emerge to compliment the ‘Like’ button, and these will help users keep track of their own activity in relation to what appears on their news feed. The rumoured “Read,” “Listened” and “Watched” buttons are thought to joined later on by a “Want” button. The first three buttons seem fairly self-explanatory, while I can only assume the “Want” button will be a way of queuing certain items and links from a news feed much like a Read It Later list.

Either way, we only have to wait a few days until everything becomes clear following the announcements at f8.