Downstream Users In Need Of New Twitter Backup Service

Downstream, a service offering backup products for cloud services – Twitter in particular – has unfortunately announced that as of October 26th 2011 they will be closing up shop. A statement on their site reads:

A little over two years ago, we started an adventure into our first venture. We jumped at the chance to develop our own products and tackle a problem each of us experienced every day. We’ve learned too many things to list, built good traction (25+ million Tweets on Tweetstream!), but ultimately didn’t get the sustainability needed. Even if our run in this space has come to an end, there are other organizations growing and doing great stuff.

We want to thank all of you – our customers both near and far. And thank you also to our investors, mentors, friends, and family.

The Downstream Team

It’s never good to see any startup or fledgling company in the position where they have to call it a day. While it does appear that we were vying for the same customers, we are firm believers in the practice of backing up your cloud content. There’s always going to be competition in life – it’s what keeps everyone honest and gives consumers a choice, not to mention the fact that it drives the constant quest for improvement. Different people have different needs, and backup solutions are very much horses for courses. Downstream focussed their attention on backing up cloud services elsewhere in the cloud, while SocialSafe puts the emphasis on keeping a copy of your content on your own machine – however both companies clearly believe that backing up your data is of paramount importance.

So we’re sad to hear that there is one less organisation championing the cause for backing up your data, and we wish all of the team over at Downstream the best for their future endeavours. If you are one of their users who is now looking for another way to backup your Twitter, there are plenty out there, so make sure you find one that suits your needs.