Back up 10 Facebook Pages With SocialSafe 4.1

Fresh from their victory at the Viadeo London Hackday last weekend, the SocialSafe developers are back to normal business with our latest release. First unleashed into the wild in September, SocialSafe version 4.0 allowed users to upgrade to an Enterprise Licence, meaning that they were not only able to back up a Facebook profile and a Twitter account (as with a Pro Licence), but also backup a Facebook Page. Particularly useful for marketers, Enterprise gave anyone who runs a Facebook Page unparalleled access to monitor the activities of their fans, and the ability to export data from the page to run analyses on.

SocialSafe is back with version 4.1 which goes even further in the quest to make sure you not only have a safe copy of your content, but are also able to do something useful with it. As with most new releases of any product, we’ve made some minor bug fixes and UI improvements that stretch across the board from the Free version through to all paid versions of the app. However we made the major improvements on SocialSafe Enterprise.

Previously users were able to back up a Page Profile, Status Updates, Wall Posts, Links, Active Fans, New Fans, Lost Fans, Comments and Comment Likes, Album Photos and Tagged Photos (all for a single page). SocialSafe 4.1 now includes the addition of Facebook Page Notes, Events, and Check-ins for Enterprise users.

However, it’s one thing knowing that you have a backup of something, but what can you do with all of that information once it’s in your possession? After you run the first back up you’ll have a baseline of all of your friends/fans/Twitter followers. Any subsequent backups will then show you if you are gaining or losing numbers, and by running a CSV export on the data you can conduct your own analyses to spot any trends. So if for example you notice a drop-off of fans from a certain part of the world, you can look at your other marketing activities to see what is working (or not as the case may be) and then perhaps change your strategy.

We’ve also managed to increase the number of Facebook Pages that Enterprise licence holders can back up to 10. We hope this will be of particular use to professional marketers who may be running several pages on behalf of clients, and need to be able to make sense of the activity happening there, as well as having a backup of the pages’ content.

We hope you all find this new release to be an improvement, and as always we welcome your comments – good and bad – on the work we’ve done.

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