Has The New Twitter Timeline Been Released?

Twitter looks to be quietly rolling out the much desired redesign of its timeline, that allows users to see media and related activity inside the timeline, rather than off on the right hand side of the stream. This new design was first reported by Patrick Bisch on Pinglio. As you can see in his picture (below), by clicking on individual tweets you can expand conversations, media and retweets. It has the comfortable familiarity of a Facebook post with comments and Likes beneath it.

New Twitter Timeline

If you hover over a tweet you are also presented with an ‘Open’ link, that shows you who retweeted the message, and opens up the entire threaded conversation. With tweets that contain extra media such as a TwitPic image or a video from YouTube, the Twitter timeline window will expand downwards to show you the media rather than branching off on the right hand side. This video from Patrick shows the new feature in action:

There’s been no official word from Twitter about this change, and it seems that only a handful of users are logging on to find that they have the redesigned timeline. It looks as it Twitter are trying to quietly test this new feature in the wild before making a big announcement. I guess all we can do is stay tuned.