Steve Martin To Compile Book Of His Tweets For Charity

Last Thursday the actor/comedian Steve Martin announced on Twitter that he planned to compile a book of his one-liners posted on the micro-blogging site, with the proceeds going to charity.

Steve Martin Twitter

The book will be titled “The Ten, Make that Nine, Habits of Very Organized People. Make that Ten”. We don’t know how he is planning to get all of his tweets from Twitter – it can take an awful lot of effort to go back in your own timeline, never mind the amount of mentions he must receive on a daily basis. Needless to say we have tweeted him to see if he would like to use SocialSafe to back up and export his tweets – we’ll let you know if he gets back to us on that!

If you ever wanted to do something similar, like create a hard copy of all of your tweets, mentions and conversations, SocialSafe is one such tool that you can use to accomplish this. Once you have run a Twitter backup, you can search through it and export the content into CSV format. From there you can apply any sort of filters you want to it, enabling you to isolate any exchanges between you and a particular user, or perhaps find every tweet you’ve posted or been mentioned in that contains a certain word or phrase.

All you’d need to do is download SocialSafe and purchase a Standard or Pro licence (£2.49 or £4.99 respectively; see SocialSafe Purchase Page for US$/€) then you are free to back up and export all of your tweets, mentions, messages, followers and people who you are following. If you are a prolific Twitter user and your timeline is a little cluttered, the in-app search feature is a great way of quickly finding an old tweet, that would most likely give you a fail whale if you tried to do it online. Give it a go!