Facebook Scam: Tesco and ASDA vouchers are bogus

Over the last few days I’ve seen many updates – supposedly from my friends – on Facebook about hundreds of pounds worth of FREE vouchers from ASDA, Tesco and other brands. Apparently this is last week’s news, but seeing as I’m still seeing these erroneous links in my feed it might be worth just putting out a quick warning blog as some people are clearly still unaware of this.

Looking back through my feed I can’t find the actual posts that were on my friends’ profiles – they must have soon wised up and deleted them – but I do have a screen grab of the Tesco scam link (courtesy of Techie Buzz) , so you’ll know what to look out for. If you see anything resembling the image below, don’t click on the link.


There may be a message that reads: “As it’s coming up to Christmas we have decided to give away, Free £170 Worth of Tesco Vouchers.” If you click on the link you’ll be taken to a page where you’re asked to ‘Like’, share and comment indicating that you received the gift. You’ll then be redirected to another site where you are asked to complete a series of surveys before being able to claim your prize. They’ll want your bank details and other private information but this is all a scam! DON’T DO IT!!

Please exercise caution with any other links that purport to be offering free vouchers and other such rewards – if it seems too good to be true, it most probably is.

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