SocialSafe version 4.3 – Available Now

It’s been a busy week for our award winning developers, as they’ve put the finishing touches on SocialSafe v4.3, which was released yesterday.

The big change with version 4.3 is that we have now managed to implement scheduled backups. With everything else going on in your life, it’s very easy to forget small things that can have a big impact – like remembering to back up your online social activities.

By being able to schedule backups, you never again have to worry about losing any new wall posts, updates, photos, friends, tweets, mentions, DMs or followers. You can select which day(s) and at what time you’d like your backups to run – just let SocialSafe take care of the rest.

One of the things that was mildly irritating with previous versions was the inability to cancel an individual sync once you’d started it. This has now been addressed, so if you accidentally click on the wrong feed, you can cancel that individual sync and continue using the app as normal.

We’ve also managed to increase the number of feeds that can be supported. With SocialSafe 4.3 you can back up up to 10 Facebook profiles and Twitter accounts in any combination. So you could sync three Facebook profiles and seven Twitter streams, or four Facebook profiles and six Twitter streams, and so on.

There are a few more new features is this release. One of these is memory and CPU optimisation, so the app should run a lot quicker without using as much of your machine’s memory. The team has also been working hard on some UI enhancements and minor bug fixes.

On that note, we’d also like to thank everyone that gets in touch whenever they find something that we may have overlooked, or has a suggestion about how we may improve the app – it’s a huge help to us, please keep your thoughts and opinions coming!