47 Second Video Of Benton The Labrador Is Twitter’s #1 Trend

It’s amazing how something so trivial as a labrador can cause a trending topic on Twitter – and make a grown man weep with laughter, much to the confusion of his colleagues. Now that I have finally pulled myself together, I think this merits being blogged about.

I was a little confused a few minutes ago when I saw a couple of Facebook updates in my news feed containing the words ‘Benton‘ and ‘JESUS CHRIST’. There was a comment made beneath one such update that simply read “Oh deer”. The friend who made the comment is not known for his illiteracy, so I had to assume it was some sort of pun.

I thought no more of it and had a look on Twitter, only to find that two of trending topics were none other than #benton and Oh Jesus Christ. I then saw a tweet from BBC Radio 1 that shed some more light on the matter:

Benton Chasing Deer

I duly watched the video, and found myself in the sort of uncontrollable giggling fit that used to be my undoing at school, whereby I’d be sent out of the classroom for not being able to stop laughing. But I think the fact that this little episode has gone viral and is the number one trending topic in the world right now somewhat vindicates my laughter this time.

Here is the video of labrador Benton chasing deer in Richmond Park in all it’s glory:

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