SocialSafe Chairman Speaks With Viadeo At Le Web ’11 In Paris

As we speak, the Le Web ’11 Conference in Paris is happening, and representatives from SocialSafe are there as guests of Viadeo, after winning the Viadeo London Hackday in October of this year.

While our victorious developers are quite deservedly enjoying themselves on the continent, the rest of us are back here in the office keeping things ticking over. So we’re relying on tweets and Facebook posts from our colleagues and business associates to stay up to speed on what’s happening over in Paris.

This video of Julian Ranger, SocialSafe’s Chairman, being interviewed by Anastasia Emmanuel of Viadeo has just appeared in our feed. We thought we’d share it with you as it’s always nice to put a face to a name and hopefully give you more idea of the origins of SocialSafe and where we are headed.

In this clip Julian talks about the use of SocialSafe from a data aggregation perspective, as well as a short history of the capabilities of the app. He also talks about some of his other fascinating projects outside of SocialSafe:

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