What’s The Deal With The New Twitter?

Twitter are rolling out some major changes to the layout of the site, in an attempt to make its interface more appealing to new users, and at the same time to improve functionality for existing tweeters.

When you eventually visit the new Twitter, you’ll see how they’ve rearranged the site into four labels: ‘Home’, ‘Connect’, ‘Discover’ and ‘Me’. For more information on what these labels feature and for a nice little video detailing the improvements, you can visit Mashable where these are explained in more detail. There’s also this video from Twitter themselves:

There are also some changes in terms of brands, with the likes of Disney Pixar, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola partnering with Twitter for the launch. The new design allows for the easy embedding of multimedia, and also affords brands the ability to embed individual tweets on a page – so if you have an announcement for a new product for example, you can have this at the top of your page for as long as you want. The brand enhancements should be available across the board by the start of 2012.

On our part, we like the new changes. The layout is easier on the eye and the discover feature helps you find new content and embeds rich media such as photos and videos without having to go third-party websites. It’s hard to fully appreciate the capabilities of brand pages yet, but so far they look pretty tidy. There’s also a new version of the Twitter mobile app, but we don’t want to spoil all of the surprises for you!