Backing Up Your Social Networks On The Move

Nowadays, the vast majority of us carry about a mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad or other similar smart device that allows us to update and interact on social networks without having to be near a computer. According to new data from Benedict Evans for Enders Analysis, the number of monthly active users of Facebook’s mobile apps had passed the 300 million mark by the close of 2011.

This is clearly a sign that people are moving further and further away from being sat down at their desk, in favour of adding to their online content while on the move. As this happens, it can be easy to forget about practices that you would normally be second nature when staring at your computer monitor.

With the latest version of SocialSafe, you can set your social journal to automatically backup your content from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Viadeo as often as every 24 hours. So even if you are away from your PC or Mac, you can be sure that all the comments, status updates, wall posts, tweets and more that you make are safely backed up on your desktop machine.