Everyone Needs A Backup Plan: The Unum Advert

Anyone who is familiar with this blog or SocialSafe as a product will know that we’re big on backing things up. So when I saw this advert last night, I knew that I had to blog about it.

While the services offered by Unum are nothing to do with SocialSafe or what we do, the ‘backup plan’ message struck a chord with us, and more to the point, this advert is pretty impressive!

There’s a little bit of a debate going on about whether or not the above clip is real, but Unum have come back with another video that shows Mat Ricardo successfully pulling the table cloth from under the breakfast service several times, with varying camera speeds.

That’s it, just a quick blog to show you this cool Unum advert and to remind you that in whatever you do, everyone needs a backup plan.

About Andrew Robertson

I'm Andrew, I work as the Social Media & Marketing Assistant at SocialSafe. I've been writing blogs on here for over two years now, so you'll find pieces from me about anything relating to social media and tech, as well as the changing face of personal data. There's also room for the occasional post on some slightly off topics stories... just for the sake of variety!!

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