New Laws Make It Possible To Delete Online Information About Yourself

New legislation to be put before the European Parliament could see internet users given the right to delete information that is stored about them online as part of a raft of changes to laws regarding data security.

This is one facet of a bundle of legislation announced by the European Commission yesterday, and if approved by the EU member states and ratified by the parliament, could impose tough limits on how the likes of Google and Facebook can hold information about web users. The proposed changes to the laws around privacy and data security would mean that people have the “right to be forgotten”, and can legitimately ask a company to delete any data they have about them. Organisations will also be obligated to inform customers if their information has been compromised by hackers.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone. So if you were thinking about requesting all of your data to be deleted by a social network such as Facebook, you might want to store a copy of it yourself for personal posterity. With SocialSafe you can safely and privately store your Facebook content and more, in an easily searchable offline journal that you can browse at your leisure, safe in the knowledge that you are in total control of your data.