Facebook Fail – Putting Words In My Mouth [UPDATED]

[UPDATED – 18:30 11th February 2012]: For any of you who have read this and are wondering how my various bets on the Italy vs England game panned out, I ended up netting a profit of £10!! To put that into relative terms, the £10 I won on the game this afternoon would by me a SocialSafe Enterprise licence, as well as leaving 1p to put into a charity collection pot 😉

You might well be asking yourself why on earth I am working on a Saturday, but I just noticed that Facebook have had a major fail with one of my posts. You’re all aware of its function that works out when several people are posting about the same topic, and groups all of the posts together to stop your feed being clogged up with similar stories. But it doesn’t always work correctly…

Earlier I posted about the England rugby team‘s 6 Nations clash with Italy that’s taking place at 4pm this afternoon, as did a local pub that I am connected with on Facebook. Then, to my horror, I saw this:

Facebook Fail

The eagle-eyed among you will notice that Facebook seems to think I’m talking about the England football team, which is something that would be exceptionally out of character for me. (Having said that, I am always amused by satirical posts about ‘the beautiful game’, such as this ‘Harry Redknapp Fabio Capello phone photo‘ that had me in stitches earlier in the week – be warned, there is some choice language).

Not the most catastrophic error that Facebook could have made, but for me it was enough of an incentive to grab the laptop and kill another 15 minutes in my countdown to kick off! Some of you may also have spotted from the picture that I have some money riding on this game, so of course I shall be updating this blog to let you know how I got on!