BBC Staff Served Up Cold Satire By Rogue Canteen Tweeter

Parody Twitter accounts are always a bit of fun, and there are plenty out there to find. One of my favourites claims to be Queen Elizabeth II, or Queen_UK as she is on Twitter. Providing satirical updates, often to the detriment of Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Elizabeth Windsor also professes to have more than a soft spot for the odd tipple, with #GinOClock commencing daily at 5pm.

But there also appears to be a joker in the pack at the BBC, as an account called @KillingStation – a play on words about the BBC canteen called The Filling Station – has been ridiculing well-known journalists as they grab their lunch. The author is unknown, but the journalists themselves are finding the whole thing rather amusing.

The BBC’s business editor, Robert Peston, is often in the firing line with the rogue account implying that he’s economically challenged, exemplified by tweets such as: “Had that Peston in here the other day. Short-changed him. He didn’t notice.” To be fair to him, he takes the stick well, telling The Independent “I love it. It makes me crack up on a daily basis.”

Other notable BBC staff that @KillingStation likes to ridicule include Kate Silverton and Huw Edwards:

Have to “unfollow” Kate Silverton until she gets bored of her child or at least decides not to bore the rest of us

Just seen Huw Edwards getting curry and rice from @KillingStation – don’t be surprised if he doesn’t manage to present News at Ten

There are many more comical updates from this particular Twitter account, and it looks like its following is about to sky-rocket, as an article about @KillingStation on Telegraph.co.uk this morning stated that it had 1,900 followers, and looking now that number has more than doubled to 4,225.

Do you follow any parody accounts on Twitter? Please share you favourites with the rest of us by leaving a comment below.