Facebook Scam: Fake Tesco Voucher Link Tags Your Friends

Look out Facebook users, the pranksters are out in force once again. Back in November last year you may have been unfortunate enough to find yourself tagged in a friend’s comment on a status update that said Wow!! do you remember this photo?” followed by a spurious link, and seemingly every friend of the poster would be tagged in the comments beneath the update.

Well, this virus or whatever it may be is now back under a different guise – the good old Tesco voucher scam. This is a little different to the previous Tesco voucher Facebook scam, but one of our SocialSafe team members saw this on his Facebook news feed, and obviously his friend has fallen prey to the scam:

Tesco voucher virus

So if you see this Tesco voucher scam or are tagged in anything like this, don’t click on the link, just delete the update from your feed and perhaps give the offending friend a gentle nudge to tell them that they’ve come a cropper.

We like to keep this blog up to date with helpful warnings about any social media scams or viruses that are doing the rounds, so if you notice anything untoward happening on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other service that you use, by all means get in touch with us at SocialSafe. We’ll then draft another blog entry to let everyone know about the potential dangers lurking out there.


  1. Maybe im just really smart but any post that says “awesome” or “look what i just got” and has a link after it, i just ignore, its always a scam of some sort…

    1. Yes Tommy, you’d think it would be that simple! But it still baffles me how many people invariably end up clicking on those links.

      I do wonder however, how much of this may by down to people accessing the likes of Facebook and Twitter on mobile devices? It’s very often that case that you can’t see the whole link or post from a friend, and when – as in this case – you get a notification saying that a friend has tagged you in something, you’re just a slip of the thumb away from following the link and being the latest victim.

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