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Facebook Interest Lists Feature Accidentally Released?

A mysterious new Facebook feature has made a brief appearance, before disappearing without any word from the company during their launch of timelines for brand pages.

The feature, dubbed ‘Interest Lists‘ allowed users who were visiting a brand’s page the opportunity to ‘add to interest lists’, fuelled speculation that there may be plans for updates from brands to appear in a separate news feed to that of updates from your friends.

Some people are also thinking that this will group together pages of a similar theme, with Mashable using the example of Ray-Ban and other lesser known sunglasses brands being collated into an individual ‘Interest List’. Say for example, you were looking for new pair of shoes, maybe you could go to the ‘Clothing’ or ‘Footwear’ interest list, and then see what’s hot from the likes of Converse, Vans, Nike etc.

This feature seemed to disappear as soon as it arrived, but perhaps more crucially, it didn’t actually work. So just what exactly were Facebook doing? Perhaps it was and intended feature to be release with their brand pages that didn’t get finished before but was accidentally made public with the rest of the changes?

At this point it is still unclear what the feature will specifically do, but we’re all bound to find out soon enough. When it does go live for real we’ll be sure to cover the new feature on the SocialSafe blog, so stay tuned.