SocialSafe Now Backs Up LinkedIn – Contacts, Profiles and Updates

SocialSafe adds another string to its bow by now supporting LinkedIn as a backed up service.

LinkedIn is a business-related social networking site mainly used for professional networking, with more than 150 million users worldwide.

With the latest release of SocialSafe you can now backup LinkedIn contacts, profiles and updates. We’re also looking into backing up LinkedIn Groups, and this functionality will be implemented as soon as we are able to do it!

In the meantime you can amuse yourselves with our latest version of SocialSafe, and backup your LinkedIn profiles as well as your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Viadeo accounts.

To create your own offline social journal, visit our site and download SocialSafe now.

Here’s how SocialSafe currently looks with LinkedIn contacts:

backup for linkedin

About Andrew Robertson

I'm Andrew, I work as the Social Media & Marketing Assistant at SocialSafe. I've been writing blogs on here for over two years now, so you'll find pieces from me about anything relating to social media and tech, as well as the changing face of personal data. There's also room for the occasional post on some slightly off topics stories... just for the sake of variety!!

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