How Would Facebook Have Looked In The 90s?

A colleague shared this video on Facebook earlier, and I thought it was probably worth posting up on this blog too.

It’s called ‘If Facebook were invented in the 90s‘, and it’s a tongue in cheek look at how the world’s largest social network might have appeared back in the bronze age (the Windows 3.1 era).

It’s obviously all a bit of a joke, but this video does highlight some important points regarding who you make friends with and what you post publicly vs. privately – eg the “Going to the local nude beach” status update and the “It’s Complicated” relationship status.

As I watched the retro Facebook video I also noticed the ‘If Google were invented in the 80s‘ clip from the same people. It’s mildly amusing, but I took the executive decision to stop there, as I’m sure we all know too well the dangers of watching “just one more” related video while we’re meant to be working!

If you know of any other comical interpretations of today’s technology (p)re-imagined by some creative thinkers, then please post a link to it in the comments section or post it to our SocialSafe Facebook page.