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Instagram Backup Now Available With SocialSafe v6.1

This week we released a new version of SocialSafe that extended the range of download services to include Instagram. As well as Facebook profiles and pages, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Viadeo, users can now backup, view, search and export their Instagram photos, comments and likes.

A fully comprehensive backup of Instagram had featured in our plans for some time, and in the coming weeks we will implement tighter integration between SocialSafe and Instagram. But given the mixed reaction from users of the photo-sharing app in the wake of Facebook’s purchase of Instagram – some even saying that they would delete their accounts – we decided it was best to work quickly towards releasing a version of SocialSafe that allowed users to backup their photos and some additional content in the first instance.

Instagram backup

So here we are with SocialSafe v6.1 – and doesn’t it look great! Instagram backup is functionality that can be enjoyed by SocialSafe Pro and Enterprise users, so if you’d like to be able to safely and securely backup you Instagram content, visit the SocialSafe website and start your offline digital journal now. The Instagram functionality is available in a free upgrade for existing Pro and Enterprise SocialSafe users.

This video shows just how easy it is to sync an Instagram account using SocialSafe:

For more information about SocialSafe in general, take a look at our Updates page to see what we’ve already achieved and where we plan to go with future releases. We’re working in exciting times here at SocialSafe HQ, and we hope that you’ll join us on the forward journey!


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