Jennifer Lopez To Use Twitter To Premiere New Video

Video killed the radio star… Twitter killed the video star? Well, not quite, but it seems that social networks and in particular Twitter are fast becoming the weapon of choice for launching and promoting music videos.

Jennifer Lopez has announced that on Thursday she’ll be premiering her new music video “Follow The Leader” exclusively on Twitter. Writing on her Facebook page, Lopez said:

“Become a part of history – follow me @JLo on Thursday for the first ever video premiere of “Follow the Leader” on Twitter. Look for my tweet at 7am PT/10am ET.”

There’s a saying in marketing that goes “fish where the fish are.” In other words, place your product where it will get exposure to the maximum number of people who are likely to react to it or buy it. If more than 6 million people who have actively chosen to follow updates from you is not a rich enough pond to fish in, then I don’t know what is.

It seems that the days of MTV being the place where you would go to to get the first look at an artist’s new video are behind us, with the music channel broadcasting an increasing number of reality TV shows and less actual music. Social media now looks to be the go-to platform for quick, easy, cheap and perhaps more importantly, mass communication with a potential fan-base or marketplace. Is it any wonder that even Presidential candidates are looking online for their ticket to office?

The line between our online and offline persona is becoming increasingly blurred to the point where people can actually display clinical withdrawal symptoms if they are away from their social networks for even as little as a few hours. If your online activities are so much a part of your life that you can’t bear the thought of losing your wall posts, tweets or photos, then make sure that you keep a continuous backup of all your activities.

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