Twitter Makes Subtle Changes To UI And Discover Tab

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that there have been some subtle changes to Twitter’s UI in recent days, but if you haven’t, we’ll run through a couple of them now.

The standard Reply/Retweet/Favourite options that used to reside beneath the content of a tweet have vanished from initial view, but simply move the cursor over a tweet and they magically reappear. The top two tweets in the image below illustrate this change to the UI:

twitter UI changes

As you can also see, further information on a tweet such as retweets, favourites, replies etc can again be viewed by clicking on the ‘Expand’ option. If you were wondering about tweets containing media such as photos or videos, Twitter has this to say:

“If the tweet contains media, you’ll also see specific options like “View photo” or “View video”; otherwise, you’ll see the option to “Expand”. You can expand any Tweet in your timeline to see inline context like favorites or retweets from other people, or additional Tweets from that same conversation.”

The driving force behind this for Twitter will be to increase engagement, and having options that appear when a user casually moves their mouse over the screen is one way of grabbing their attention.

There were also some changes to the Discover tab, which do a good job in aggregating tweets about the same news stories so that you don’t have to see scores of updates all containing the same link. You can read more about the Discover tab at TheNextWeb.

What do you think of the changes? Love them? Hate them? Fee free to voice your opinion by leaving a comment below.

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