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Use SocialSafe To Unite Your Social Networks

These days more and more of our time is spent online, and an increasing amount of our output is held in the cloud, with social networks accounting for a large proportion of this content.

At times it can be hard to keep track of your various activities, especially when you are connected with an individual on more than one social network. Trying to remember when and indeed where you spoke with someone or received a message or link can be an arduous task.

SocialSafe allows you to unite your social networks, creating a searchable offline journal populated by your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and Viadeo accounts. You can select which aspects of each service that you’d like to backup from the cloud, and aggregate all of them into one place that you can browse or search.

For example if you are someone who does a lot of communicating through Twitter, you can search your SocialSafe journal to find all mentions, DMs and tweets to or from a certain person. But say you are connected with someone on Facebook and LinkedIn as well as Twitter, you can simply incorporate those networks into your search parameters within SocialSafe to see all interactions that have previously occurred with that person.

If you were trying to find a particular tweet or Facebook timeline post but you can’t remember who said it or the exact date, it’s as easy as going to the Calendar view in the app and setting a range of dates to then browse all of your activities across your networks to find what you are looking for.

So if you want to unite your social networks, start using SocialSafe now to backup your Facebook Timeline, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Viadeo accounts to create a beautiful, searchable, digital journal. You can find out more information about SocialSafe and download the free version on our website.