Facebook Make Changes To Notifications To Allow Easier Granular Filtering

New this week is a small short-cut within the Facebook notifications management that allows you to more easily filter out notifications that you really aren’t that bothered with.

The ‘un-follow this post’ option has been around for a while. I’ve found this particularly useful for when I’ve left a comment such as ‘Congratulations!’ on a friend’s update about an engagement or pregnancy, as un-following that sort of post stops my phone from beeping for the next three days as all of their other friends catch up on the news and leave a comment.

However in its continual efforts to streamline the way users can garner the sort of content they want from their news feeds and notifications, Facebook has made it easier to manage notifications. Simply hover over an alert in the drop-down box that stems from the globe icon at the top of the page and click the ‘x’ to turn off notifications from that certain app, group, event or post that you commented on.

It used to be the case that you’d have to navigate to the Notifications Settings page and wade through all the different options just to turn off the one thing that was getting on your nerves. Now you can just silence the offending items as and when they appear as notifications. Another change to the actual drop-down notifications panel now allows you to scroll down and go further back through your alerts instead of having to click ‘see more’.

These changes haven’t hit all accounts yet, but according to TechCrunch they should be rolled out within 24 hours or so, with the exception of app alert controls, which are still in testing.