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LinkedIn Passwords Stolen – How To Backup Your Contacts, Profile and more

Last week saw the news that the passwords of over 6 million LinkedIn user accounts had been leaked onto the internet.

Due to the professional nature of a network such as LinkedIn, the ramifications of unauthorised access to accounts are arguably much greater than someone being able to use a Facebook or Twitter profile that does not belong to them.

The situation has been addressed by LinkedIn, who made the leaked passwords invalid and emailed affected users with instructions on how to reset their passwords and an explanation of why this was necessary.

While the leak appears to have been plugged, there would have been a window of time in which over 6 million users’ accounts were compromised, meaning that anyone with the inclination and know-how would have been able to login as someone else. This means that there would have been the risk of users having their account content such as important contact information stolen or deleted or someone could send messages and use LinkedIn as another user.

This could cause grave problems for the businessmen and women who use LinkedIn. If you were one of the people affected or have been put on guard by this story, then you may find some peace of mind by knowing that you can safely and securely backup your LinkedIn contacts, updates and profile information with SocialSafe.

Temporarily or permanently losing access to your business contacts can be a stressful and potentially disastrous occurrence. To start your own offline social journal using your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Viadeo content, visit SocialSafe to begin backing up your online profiles today.